Rough Hand Farmer Blues

Bag Balm — not just for udders anymore


Rough Hand Farmer Blues
Saw a girl the other day
She gave me the sign that she wanted to play
I held out my hand
She took it and said:

“Ewwwww …you got farmer hands–
Get away!”

Rough as a cob and splintered and split
They’re more like a foot than a manicured mitt
When you work the earth to make it pay
Your toughened hands will get that way

Cut to the core on a rusty old bolt
Covered with loam from the old garden hoe
Drenched in coolant — (you go with the flow)
These paws may have flaws but they’re what I got, beau

There’s a product for cows, Bag Balm (It’s neat)
Lanolin, vaseline, unguent for teats
It’s good though for hands, kids bottoms and feets
You can use it forever and not feel effete

So baby I got Bag Balm and soft skin too
Don’t worry ’bout smoothness, its not full of glue
Farmer hands
You can understand
Happy Time for you

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5 Responses to Rough Hand Farmer Blues

  1. Funny! The deal is, I like my husband’s hands cause they are strong, hard working, and caulloused. They kinda look like bear paws! I wouldn’t want a man with wimpy, soft hands–ewww… like, what are they, a woos? (did I spell that correctly?)

  2. you know what I mean, like some pansy who hasn’t done a day of physical work in his life.

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