Dark Knight Rises — Pocket Review

My favorite reviewer, Lou Lumenick of the New York Pos t gave it four stars. Read his review.  His take:  The Best Knight of Your Life.

Just returned from the showing at the Sunset Drive In, Colchester,Vermont.

I give it 3  and a half stars, mainly because it’s about  an hour too long to be comfortable, and waaay too many gunshots, car wrecks, and gratuitous  violence.

Acting is top drawer, with Michael Caine’s role as Butler Alfred my fave of the film.

The girls are gorgeous, the soundtrack thunderous, and the special effects spectacular.

There is a gaping flaw very near the end, involving a knife into Batman’s vitals as he’s being garroted by the villain — in the very next cut, he’s blithely flying  The Bat as if nothing’s happened.

All  in all though, I think this may be the  best one Nolan’s done yet, and I did enjoy the first two.

Drive-in was packed with cars.  And the place was doing a fast trade in the usual theater goodies, which make up 90 percent of the profits.

In a trailer for the next Superman flick being produced by Nolan, shown prior to the movie, the Man of Steel is shown flying quite high up — and leaving twin contrails in his wake.  I was unaware that Superman had two jet engines propelling him, leaving water vapor clouds in the sky, but it’s the movies, so anything is possible.

My recommendation?  See it before it leaves town. Held my interest the entire way and I’m a severe critic.

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